About Diane's


Diane's Restaurant, Parlor and Bakery & Deli, were fundamentally created with family love and healthy unprocessed ingredients. We are nestled in the middle of the Historic Silver City downtown. We've been serving Grant County for over 30 years.

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Meet the Chefs

Diane and her sons have been living in the area off and on since the 1970s. After winning a number of culinary awards, like best in state for New Mexico, she went on to apprentice with a Czechoslovakian master in San Diego. She worked in some of the largest and most prestigious resorts and hotels in Hawaii & Santa Fe. In 1996, she created Diane's Restaurant. Her clientele has steadily grown and the restaurant has made several expansions. Diane's has become a “town favorite”. In 1997, she contacted her son Bodhi and asked him to join the business. He had been cooking in a number of well know restaurants in Northern California and Hawaii. It has been a family effort ever since.

Diane Barrett - Baker & Owner

My culinary career has been in the process for about 30 years. I started with an Associates Degree in the Culinary Arts. After winning an award for Best Apprentice in the State (New Mexico) from the American Culinary Federation I started an apprenticeship with Master Pastry Chef, Milos Safark.

After that I worked for the Ritz - Carlton and Stoufers - Wailea Beach Resort in Hawaii and then for the largest luxury hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I am so happy to be able to bring families together around excellent and wholesome food over the years. I'll see you around town!

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Bodhi Werber - Head Chef

I think with my adventurous spirit, I have always been searching for new combinations of fresh products for experimentation. I am constantly developing my styles of Pacific Rim Fusion cuisine.

Having spent time living in Hawaii and northern California, I developed my culinary traditions that were passed down from family. I come from a line of chefs and have been exposed to the kitchen-based laboratory for almost all my life.

Fresh garlic, fennel, tomatoes, capers, and artichoke hearts are several of the European products I enjoy fusing with Asian styles of culinary excellence.